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Selling trucks - easily and from anywhere

Thank you for finding your way to truckoo. truckoo is your reliable partner for the purchase and sale of commercial vehicles - from vans to heavy goods vehicles. We are more than a conventional marketplace. We make the truck trade completely digital. From listing, negotiation and offer acceptance to delivery and payment. truckoo guarantees a transparent presentation of the vehicle's condition - checked by our truck workshop partners. This enables our worldwide network of buyers to make binding offers - they trust in trading through truckoo.
To understand our solution approach, you have to shed a little light on the commercial vehicle trade. A truck is not a car - and so the trade works fundamentally differently. Local dealers buy the vehicles from local companies and put them in their yards first. Customers are then sought via advertising portals such as Especially in the case of high mileage or changes in the approved emission classes, it becomes clear relatively quickly - sell the truck? Export. This is a very reactive approach, which is associated with very high acquisition costs and, among other things, a high risk of price deterioration, long-standing times and maintenance costs. This reduces the proceeds for sellers. In addition, there is the basic problem of matching customers and dealers via previous advertising portals, which makes fast processing difficult. By digitising the process, we solve these problems - sellers can negotiate digitally with international dealers and thus achieve better prices with less effort.
Selling trucks - easily and from anywhere
If you want to sell commercial vehicles, we are your right contact. In Germany and beyond - truckoo is the international network for the digital used commercial vehicle trade. No matter what type or model - selling trucks with truckoo is easy and stress-free. In order to provide our service nationwide, we work together with verified truck workshops, which serve us as buying as well as selling stations, whereby the initial focus is usually on the registration of your vehicle. However, if none of the many workshops is suitable for you or is in your vicinity, we will find a suitable new truck workshop in your area. Our workshop partners document the condition, bodywork and all sales-relevant parameters of your vehicle.
This process at the workshop that is right for you takes an average of 20 minutes and the evaluation of your vehicle, which is created by a standardised procedure via our app, is always free of charge for you, even if you do not sell your truck through us. This process does not involve much effort on your part as the seller, except for the round trip to the appropriately selected truck workshop. This also means that if you want to sell your truck with us, you are at no time bound to us or in any way committed to a sale through us. However, experience has shown that this is of secondary importance. Our customers have found that when you sell your truck, it is faster with truckoo than through any other dealer.
Selling trucks, used and new, fair and simple
We aim to make the trade simple, fair and hassle-free for both parties - buyer and seller. This starts with the transparent recording of the vehicle when you sell your used truck. Our partner workshops help with this. You bring the vehicle to one of our truckoo partner workshops and the workshop foreman takes over the inspection. This process at the workshop that suits you takes an average of 20 minutes. The evaluation of your vehicle, which is carried out using a standardised procedure via our app, is always free of charge, even if you do not sell your commercial vehicle through us. The inspection is free of charge for you as the seller. Only the outward and return journey to the relevant truck workshop is incurred. At the same time, if you start the sale of your vehicle with us, you are not bound to us at any time, which is usually not of great importance, since the sale via truckoo is usually faster on average than via any other used truck dealer.
If you want to sell a truck, it is important to know which brands are particularly popular and popular in which countries. Brands like Renault or Mitsubishi? Truck dealers are mostly found abroad and due to our wide reach we have several and different regions to sell your truck. MAN, Mercedes or Volvo trucks? Dealer's favourites! At least when we - as truckoo - look at the registration statistics for Central Europe. In order to create a wide range for you and to be able to address many dealers to whom you could sell your truck, we make the offer multilingual.
Receive binding bids from 200 international and German truck dealers.
As soon as our workshop has carried out the inspection, the recorded data is sent to truckoo in real time. This data is then used to automatically create the advertisement. For this purpose, the data is first subjected to a short internal check, after which a multilingual offer is automatically uploaded to the truckoo platform. Why advertise multilingual when selling trucks, you ask? This is because we can say from experience that certain regions and countries buy certain types of used trucks. Based on our expertise, we then suggest a price range based on the data of your vehicle. For this price suggestion, we first analyse prices on other online platforms and include our historical knowledge from past sales. This way, when you sell your truck, you have a clean data basis to set the price.
However, our price suggestion is only a recommendation and should be understood as a price range. You, as the seller, can ultimately set the minimum price yourself and thus decide on the starting price and selling price at which you would like to sell your truck. As soon as the first price suggestion is set by you, the advertisement goes online with us. We then advertise it for you and propose it to our dealers in Germany and, more importantly, in many other countries and regions. When you sell your truck, we advertise it specifically to dealers who know customers who are looking for exactly the same type, make, age and mileage. Due to the concrete buying interest, higher prices can be achieved when you sell your truck via truckoo. You will only receive binding bids with a 3-day duration from our international dealers via our platform. You can accept, reject or renegotiate these offers with a new adjusted price proposal. When you sell your truck via truckoo, you are not in contact with the buyers. We take care of all the interactions. There is no final price enquiry or final inspection of the vehicle at your premises before you sell your truck. Only binding bids.
The simple handling of the truck sale with truckoo.
As soon as you sell your truck and accept the bid, we take care of all the rest. You simply send an invoice to truckoo GmbH in Germany and we will pay you - guaranteed - within 48 hours. No matter where we sell your truck, you will always receive a net invoice. In addition, we also take over all warranty claims on the part of the buyer after you sell your truck, in order to save you conflicts and difficulties as a matter of principle. On request, we can also organise the deregistration of your vehicle for a small fee, allowing us to complete the entire process of selling your truck, from inspection to handover, in just 7 days.